Years 7-12: Biology, Chemistry, English & General Maths.

My name is Aditi and I am currently studying biomedical science at the University of Queensland. I’m available to tutor Biology (grade 1-12), Chemistry (grade 1-10) and Mathematics (grade 1-10) and really looking to help students perform the best they can at school. The main focus of each tutoring session is based on concepts throughout the term in order for exam and assignment preparation. I’m also available to help with Extended Experimental Investigation’s and Extended Response Task’s, proof reading and marking drafts for students, ready to provide extra material from my textbook, if required. My university degree is mainly focused around biology, and chemistry, hence this is my area of expertise. Moreover, biology is a subject I specialise in, having always been a subject I’ve achieved high in and enjoyed throughout high school. Hence, I tutor biology from primary school to grade 12. I persist to work to the best at all times, with a positive attitude, definitely enjoy a good challenge. Also aiming to assist students with their organisation skills, as having recently graduated from school I understand how important it is to have everything completed in time for assessment due dates.