Primary School, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Maths, Year 7-10 HSIE, Year 7-10 Science, Year 11-12 Advanced English, Year 11-12 Standard English, Year 11-12 Advanced Maths, Year 11-12 General Maths, Year 11-12 Chemistry, Year 11-12 Economics

I am an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the Australian National University, Canberra. In 2018, I graduated high school in Sydney with an International Baccalaureate Diploma score equivalent to an ATAR of 99.40, having studied English literature, mathematics, chemistry, economics, Latin and visual arts. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I plan to study a Master of International and Development Economics, with the eventual goal of finding humanitarian work with organisations such as the Department of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations or non-government organisations. It follows that I am interested in finding solutions to the issues that are affecting our global political environment today, such as the refugee crisis and climate change. However, other interests include contemporary and modern art, mountaineering, water polo and indie music. Prior to working with the Student Tutor Network, my teaching experience includes tutoring Year 7 students at my high school, as well as volunteer work at a disadvantaged school in Fiji, teaching English and mathematics to primary school students.