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Hi, my name is Bianca and I am a scientist and science is my passion. I didn't always love science, I struggled early in school with it and found it a hard and frustrating subject. In year 11 I had the most amazing science teacher, he taught me how to study science and how to understand it. Thanks to him, I fell completely in love with everything science related and ended up topping my class in Biology. I went on to do a Bachelor's of Science (Advanced) at the University of Sydney where I studied biology, chemistry and biochemistry. I loved every moment of my studies and I graduated with a high distinction average. Since then I have been working as a scientist studying cancer biology. Recently I decided to undertake to a masters in epidemiology which I am currently studying. It's my goal to complete these studies and then undertake a PhD in a similar field. I love talking and teaching people about science. What I think is challenging about science is that it's a different way of thinking. I want to pass along all the important tips that helped me originally when I first had issues and help others gain confidence. More than that I would love to pass along my passion and love for the subject.