Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics, Extension 2 Mathematics, Biology, PDHPE

Hi! My name is Cassidy and I have just completed my HSC at Gosford High School in 2013. I am really interested in both Maths and Biology, so I have just begun a double degree of Engineering (Mechanical) with Science majoring in Biology at Macquarie University. With Biology, I am hoping to go into the study of diseases and immunobiology, whilst also completing my engineering units with the hope of one day being a Biomedical Engineer. Throughout year 12 I worked incredibly hard to achieve an ATAR of 95.30, however I do know what it was like to struggle through a subject I had absolutely no confidence in, and the frustration it caused, as I have never been an English person. Because of this I am willing to help others overcome their own struggles with the areas I can provide help and advice in, so everyone can achieve the educational goals they pursue!