Primary Maths;Primary English;Primary Science;Year 7-10 English;Year 7-10 Science/HSIE;Year 11-12 Senior Science;Year 11-12 Visual Arts

Hello! My name is Chelsea & I'm a second-year Uni student studying a degree in Secondary Education. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and helping them strive to be their best. I have a great passion for teaching and learning, and as a student myself, I will be able to pass on my knowledge and skills in relation to effective studying strategies. Throughout my schooling experiences, I always admired my teachers who truly cared & took the time to help me out. I have worked in a number of schools around Newcastle as a teacher’s aide & have experience working alongside children who have learning difficulties. This is also one of my passions, inspiring me to choose Special Education as one of my majors. I hope to offer my utmost effort to any prospective students, helping them understand and do their best in any areas necessary.