Primary Maths; Primary English; Primary Science; Year 7-10 English; Year 7-10 Science/HSIE; Year 11-12 Standard English; Year 11-12 Advanced English; Year 11-12 General Maths; Year 11-12 Biology; Year 11-12 Visual Arts; Year 11-12 Studies of Religion

Hi, I'm Chelsea Lloyd, a 22 year old high school graduate who achieved first in course in 3/5 of the courses completed in Year 12. I love a variety of subjects, and achieved high scores in my High School Certificate. I have previously tutored in and outside of school, receiving excellent feedback on how easy the work is to understand after I've assisted in explaining it. The child always has the potential and knowledge there, it just needs a little nudge and the right coaching to find it within. I have a natural ability to help students understand their assignments and homework in a more concise and clear way. I am always patient and kind, and I'm very passionate about finding the way that works best for each individual. Don't worry, I'm also persistent and wont give up on your child, I'll always strive to move forward with a plan in the face of a tough task. I'm happy to work with all ages and learning types, as I am able to adapt to any personality and willing to take on any extra necessities they may have. I greatly look forward to designing a teaching method that suits your child and giving them the support and guidance they need to excel.