Primary English, Primary Mathematics, Primary Science, Year 7-10 English, Year 7-10 Science, Year 7-10 HSIE, Year 11-12 English, Year 11-12 Biology, Year 11-12 Chemistry, Year 11-12 PDHPE, Year 11-12 Mathematics, Year 11-12 Studies of Religion, K-12 French

Hi! I’m Emily Andrew, I’m a first-year university student at the Queensland University of Technology studying a double degree of a bachelor of psychology and business. I am quite excited to help out students of all ages. My subjects of interest are English, primary mathematics, science (chemistry and biology to a grade 12 level), health education and French (I’ve spent time in Switzerland learning the language so I can also provide cultural experience!). My goal as a tutor is to help you achieve the comprehension and grades you would like by building on your skills and understanding, encouraging you to persist. I am also able to provide some helpful studying and preparation skills that I learnt through my time at high school. I look forward to meeting you!