Subjects: Year 7-12 PDHPE;Year 11-12 Biology

Hey, my name is Gurpreet Singh, I am located in Coffs Harbour and completed my HSC in 2016. I really enjoyed High School and I was the school captain at Orara High School in the same year. From this experience, I learned to balance my personal life with my educational studies and I am confident that my study methods which I have developed will provide results. I emphasise the need to work hard and to try your best, always, because in the ‘big’ world a combination of these two elements will have positive outcomes. During my HSC year I developed and implemented various techniques in my study regime to reinforce these values and I think they will beneficial to anyone that I can share it with. I am a sports frenetic and as a result of this, my favourite subjects were PDHPE (Band 6) and Biology (Band 5), since it revolved around sport. Currently, I am studying a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Science which has further increased my knowledge in the areas of Biology and Physical activity. My goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Sports and Exercise Science and to work for a sporting organisation to improve performance.