Year 7-12 Maths (Advanced Maths), Business, Sciences (7-10) and Physics.

Hello! My name is Jeremy and I recently completed my HSC at Green Point Christian College in 2016. As a recent graduate, I have a firm understanding of the 7-10, Prelim, and HSC syllabuses. Starting in 2017, I will be doing an ‘Advanced Science (Honours)’ degree at UNSW. I have a real passion for Maths and Science, as well as skills in Business Studies, and strongly believe in the value of education, for both myself and others in these areas. As a former ‘Cadet Sergeant’ in the Australian Air Force Cadets, I was able to grow in my understanding of the value and importance of education and youth development, with over a year and a half of teaching experience, and four full weeks of leadership and ‘Instructional Technique’ training. As a result, I was able to develop my own teaching abilities, by teaching Cadets from the ages of 13- 19, in both large, and small classes. I hope to see you soon!