K-10 all subjects

My name is Mel, I’m 19 and a first-year student at the University of Newcastle studying nutrition and food science. I completed my HSC in 2016 covering a wide range of subjects including advanced English, advanced math, biology, drama, ancient history, extension history and preliminary chemistry. I have a passion for improving the health and education of our youth, with a long-term goal of working with young people to educate them on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. I completed a TAFE accredited course for peer literacy tutoring through years 9 and 10 at high-school, which included working with kids from all levels of literacy to improve skills and confidence. I was also able to work with peers with learning difficulties, and some students with language barriers. This lead to my involvement in an HSC reader-writer program from years 9-11. I enjoy customising learning methods for students and understand that personalisation of content can greatly improve overall comprehension. I look forward to expanding my own knowledge through helping others