Primary English; Primary Science; Year 7-10 English; Year 7-10 Science/HSIE; Year 11-12 Standard English; Year 11-12 Advanced English; Year 11-12 Biology; Year 11-12 Ancient History; Year 11-12 Modern History; Year 11-12 Studies of Religion

Hi All!!!!! My name is Sahar I am an Iranian Australian and am fluent in both Farsi and English, having done all my schooling here. I have a BA in Philosophy from Macquarie and am studying towards a K-12 Education degree at UTS. My major for high school Science is Biology. I love working with children and helping them to develop their understandings about the world around them through different approaches. I can teach all primary subjects as well as 7-10 Science, Ancient History and English and 11-12 Biology. My passion is to read and get lost in the worlds created by various authors, I hope that I encourage students to develop such a passion to the written word.