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Hi, my name is Sehyeong and I'm your local tutor down South. To explain a little bit about myself, I've been tutoring/mentoring young students for over 2 years since year 12. Ranging from year 4 to adults, I coached various people of age, background and different schools all around Brisbane as well as overseas. I graduated with a high OP3 (97 atar), and am achieving high GPA in University of Queensland studying Bachelor of Engineering. I've recently returned from South Korea teaching English to corporate workers and businessmen. You can ask me all about that too! I believe in friendly and easygoing classes. I can be that smart friend or family that can always help you out when you're having academic troubles and not as a teacher to student. Not just academic, I can be your coach in subject choices as well as the road to university. I am available to answer academic questions 24/7 online if need to, your support will always be available with me